Episode 12 – Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Full Line Stencil

August 25, 2016

Welcome to Episode 12 of Sit & Sew Radio! I took a little break last week while I was on a family vacation. But now we’re back on a new day. You can now hear Sit & Sew Radio every Wednesday. So enjoy your quilting goodness mid-week from here on out.

This week we have the great and talented Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Marilyn Deas, the CEO of Hancy Creations the maker of the Pounce Pad and Full Line Stencil. If you haven’t heard of it, you’ll want to stick around to listen to her interview because it just might change how you mark quilts forever.

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Also this week I have a special coupon code for Sit & Sew Radio listeners who want to get the new Stripping in Paradise quilt kit from Quilt Addicts Anonymous. The kit comes with everything you need to make the quilt top and binding, plus the pattern. The jelly roll was curated by host Stephanie Soebbing to be used in this quilt.

Click here to get your’s and use the code SitandSew15 at checkout to take 15% off the quilt kit. The code is good while supplies last.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Mr. Swirly Bones

Victoria Findlay Wolfe, award-winning quilter, author, fabric designer

Victoria Findlay WolfeVictoria Findlay Wolfe has done a little bit of everything in the quilting world. She started off like us many of us, making a crib quilt to welcome a new baby. But she quickly rose to national prominence when her creative uses of fabric got noticed on her blog by quilters and book publishers.

Since those early days, she has published two books, just finished a third that is in production, has designed fabric lines, travels to lecture and teach and has made about 600 quilts. Yes, you read that right, 600! And 60 of those are double wedding ring quilts.

In our interview we talk about how she makes difficult patterns approachable, how she transitioned from professional painter and sculptor to quilter, and her thoughts on perfection in quilting.

Click here to visit Victoria’s website and learn more about her and find out where you can take a class from her next.

Full Line Stencil, Hancy Creations, Marilyn Deas, quilt marking tools, longarm quilting, free motion quilting

Marilyn Deas, Hancy Creations, maker of the Pounce Pad and Full Line Stencil

Full Line Stencil Logo full-rgbIf you’ve ever been frustrated by quilt marking tools, then you will want to stick around for the second interview with Marilyn Deas who is is the driving force behind Hancy Creations, makers of the Pounce Pad and Full Line Stencil.

Chances are good you’ve seen a Pounce Pad. They’re a cool little took that you can load loose chalk into to mark your quilt tops by swiping the chalk onto the quilt through a stencil. But Hancy Creations also makes Full Line Stencil, a type of stencil that is screen printed instead of cut out of plastic. The benefit is you can have continuous lines on your quilt top to follow without having to go back in and connect the dots.

And with more than 400 stencil designs to choose from, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find something you’ll love for your next quilt.

Click here to learn more about Full Line Stencil and the Pounce Pad and browse their quilt stencils.

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