Episode 35 – Tula Pink

November 01, 2017

Welcome to Episode 35 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast.

This week we are thrilled to have renowned fabric designer Tula Pink as our guest. Tula, who just released her 25th fabric collection at Fall Quilt Market this past weekend, has withstood the test of time and remains a creative force in the industry.

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Tula Pink, Fabric Designer, Quilting legend

It was so much fun to talk to Tula Pink, but this episode brought with it some new challenges.

I spoke to Tula the week before market about her fantastic new products, AND I COULDN’T SAY A WORD ABOUT IT TO ANYONE. Not even my husband.

In our interview, Tula discusses her great efforts ahead of this year’s market to keep her newest fabric collection top secret. In the past, word always seemed to creep out ahead of time. Now that market is over, I can’t wait to share this interview with you. Tula discusses her milestone 25th collection, Tula Pink All Stars, which is an incredible accomplishment that is not lost on Tula.

To commemorate the occasion, Tula’s All Stars collection recreates some of her most iconic and coveted prints from her archive and gives them a color makeover. That includes the original Owl from Full Moon Forest, which is from her very first collection and holds special meaning to Tula as she notes in the interview. There’s also the Bee from Flutterby, Tail Feathers from Plume, Squirrel from The Birds & the Bees, Raccoon from Acacia and Frog Prince from Prince Charming.

“With this 25th (collection) I wanted to really offer something special,” Tula said. “It felt like a big deal and I wanted to make it a big deal.”

Tula’s new book

We also talk about Tula’s new book, Coloring with Thread: Stitching A Whimsical World With Hand Embroidery. In this book, which is available for pre-order at , Tula’s most memorable fabric designs are brought to life by needle and thread along with instructions so you can do it at home.

In our interview, Tula discusses the connection with her collaborators who stitched her designs featured in the book.

“It was just a really cool way to bring in my followers and the people I’ve connected to on social media into a project with me, to let them have some ownership of it, because that’s really what I do,” Tula said. “I create a raw material, but it’s everything that everyone else makes out of it that sort of completes the collaborative process.”

Also in the interview Tula opens up about her creative process, which is a fascinating listen coming from one of the most inventive creators in the business.

To learn more about Tula Pink please visit tulapink.com.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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