Episode 40 – Shell Rummel

January 26, 2018

Welcome to Episode 40 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast.

This week we have Shell Rummel on, and I couldn’t be more excited to introduce her to you all. Shell is a fine artist whose watercolor designs are licensed by the Free Spirit/Coats team to bring fabulous modern coastal quilting fabric to all of us.

But Shell is far more than just a fabric designer. Her designs are also available as bedding and bath sets, rugs, silk pillows, wall paper and even house paint.

And between now and February 9, 2018 you can save 25 percent on all Shell Rummel fabric we have in stock over at shop.quiltaddictsanonymous.com using the coupon code SEWSHELL.

Real quick before we get to the episode, make sure you head over to shop.quiltaddictsanonymous.com to sign up for the Dimensions Block of the Month by January 31, 2018 when sign ups close!

I just love this Block of the Month design because each month we are just using two fabrics, one solid and one Kinkame Shades ombre fabric available through Clothworks. I have always wanted to design a quilt with ombre fabrics that really shows off the color changes that happen across the width of fabric, and Dimensions is that quilt.

Check out the video we made above to get a preview of this quilt and click here to sign up.

Shell Rummel, Fine Artist & Designer

I fell in love with Shell Rummel’s fabric long before I met Shell.

I am normally all for the bright and vibrant fabrics, but I just can’t get enough of Shell’s fabric. The soft color palette is just gorgeous and it challenges me in my fabric placement to create drama with the ranges of color, rather than relying on a bright focus print to do the work for me. The results are fabulous.

I used two of her fabric lines in quilts for my book, “Simple Quilts for the Modern Home” that is due out later this year, and tagged her on Instagram with a few sneak peaks. I had no expectations and just wanted to show other Shell Rummel fans what I was up to.

But Shell replied and before I knew it we were talking on the phone discussing future collaborations. None of those projects are out in the world yet, but stay tuned, they are coming later this summer.

I just love everything about Shell and I hope you do to. You can see more of her home décor creations at www.shellrummel.com.

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