Episode 38 – Anna Bates

December 22, 2017

Welcome to Episode 38 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast.

This week we are excited to have quilt blogger and traveler Anna Bates on the show. We found Anna on YouTube when we came across her Quilt Roadies channel. More than a year ago Anna and her husband, G, bought a small motorhome and decided to hit the road with their dog, Enzo, to see the country – and, naturally, all of the quilt shops along the way!

The couple decided to document their quilt stops with videos on YouTube to promote all of the wonderful, and unique, brick and mortar quilt shops out there.

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Anna and G travel the country in their camper, visiting quilt shops and posting videos of them on YouTube.

Anna Bates, Quilt Blogger and Traveler

Anna Bates and her husband, G.

Anna and G are originally from Sisters, Oregon, recognized as the quilting capital of Oregon and home of the largest outdoor quilt show in the world each July – the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

Anna and G have been retired for about five years, and a couple years ago they bought a small motor home and decided to travel across the United States.

Anna, a quilt blogger of five years at wooliemammoth.blogspot.com, decided to document her travels by highlighting the many, and we do mean many, brick-and-mortar quilt shops her and her husband visit.

That led to the creation of Quilt Roadies YouTube channel, which has more than 5,000 subscribers in just over a year since they began. Anna also documents her travels for TheQuiltShow.com in a blog called Anna & G on the Road.

They’ve already been to California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Nebraska and South Dakota. They are planning to get to Texas and Oklahoma soon and eventually the northern Midwestern states. But first, her and G are headed on a quilting cruise to begin 2018.

In the interview Anna talks about some of the joys, and pleasant surprises, of her travels.

“Each shop has its own personality, and that comes from the owner and the culture of the community,” Anna said.

Anna also gives some of her tips for sewing on the road, and talks about how she plans out her projects and fits in her sewing into her travels. She specifically mentions her cordless Panasonic iron she says she can’t live without.

Follow Anna on Instragram at wooliemammoth53 and also find her on Facebook.

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