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Episode 4 – Natalia Bonner, SAQA and Mistyfuse

June 24, 2016

Welcome to Episode 4 of Sit & Sew Radio! As always there are some awesome guests on. We have Natalia Bonner, an internationally known longarm quilter with a modern, dense style of quilting, the curator of the latest SAQA exhibit, “Dialogues: Contemporary responses to Marie Webster Quilts” and Iris Karp the creator of Mistyfuse fusible web, a product that could change the way you do fusible applique.

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natalia bonner, piece n quilt, pieceandquilt.com

Natalia Bonner, author, longarm quilter, blogger

10937_nataliabonnerI am so excited to have Natalia Bonner on this episode of Sit & Sew Radio! I love Natalia’s modern style of quilting. It’s so dense and always brings out the best qualities of the piecing.

I’ve been following her blog Piece N Quilt since I was a newbie quilter. I make a confession about something really stupid I did before I knew better during our interview.

We talk about how she got started, how she went from deciding to purchase a longarm so she could make money quilting while staying home with her newborn, to a published author and internationally known longarm quilter.


SAQA, Dialogues, Indianapolis Museum of Art

Kate Lenkowsky, SAQA curator, ‘Dialogues: Contemporary Responses to Marie Webster Quilts’

Poinsettia Paradox, SAQA, Dialogues, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Pamela Burns, I always love talking with quilt exhibit curators because they consider quilts to be so much more than bed coverings. Kate Lenkowsky doesn’t disappoint. She is the curator for a new exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art that features 27 quilts created in response to the designs of Marie Webster.

Webster changed quilt making forever, breaking with traditional Victorian designs and creating designs with soft colors, applique and center medallions filled with flowers. Her designs were so popular that they created a business at a time when women were expected to stay home and raise a family, so she is a pioneer in more than just the quilting universe.

Dialogues is on display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art through September 4, 2017.  Click here for more information about visiting the exhibit. Click here to read more about the exhibit in a longer article on Quilt Addicts Anonymous.

Mistyfuse 02

Iris Karp, owner Mistyfuse

MW04-2014I wanted to have Iris Karp, the owner of Mistyfuse fusible web on the show with SAQA because this fusible applique product is loved by art quilters. It also works great on traditional applique quilts as well.

Mistyfuse is different because it isn’t paper-backed. Since it is just a web, there is a lot more flexibility in the making of the fusible. There’s a lot of chemistry involved, but basically it doesn’t have the stuff that makes your fabric stiff, so your can create fusible applique that feels more like hand applique without windowing.

Listen to the interview to learn more about Mistyfuse and check out its website mistyfuse.com

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